Plans and prices

19.9€/month (1)
29.9€/month (1)
59.9€/month (1)
Medical and patient management
Patient filiation data managementSíSíSíSí
Historia médicaSíSíSíSí
Timeline of events associated to patientsSíSíSíSí
Health documentationSíSíSíSí
Health document templatesSíSíSíSí
Treatment management and monitoringSíSíSíSí
Treatment plansSíSíSíSí
Medical prescriptionsSíSíSíSí
Insurence ManagementNoNoSíSí
Traceability control and materials usedSíSíSíSí
Number of patientsUnlimited(2)Unlimited(2)Unlimited(2)Unlimited(2)
Agenda and planning
Agenda management and controlSíSíSíSí
Agile dating status managementSíSíSíSí
Multiple calendar viewsSíSíSíSí
Waiting Room ViewSíSíSíSí
View by cabinet/sSíSíSíSí
View by doctor/sSíSíSíSí
Quick search for appointment availabilitySíSíSíSí
Support for urgent appointmentsSíSíSíSí
Professional schedule controlSíSíSíSí
Support for urgent appointmentsSíSíSíSí
Integration with external agenda: 6 €/month6 €/month6 €/monthSí
Digital flow
Digital prescriptionSíSíSíSí
Sending health documentation via emailSíSíSíSí
Patient images or treatmentsSíSíSíSí
Patient files or treatments (CAD / CAM, or other type)SíSíSíSí
Handwritten signature of documentsSíSíSíSí
Signature of documents by certificateSíSíSíSí
Integration of signature solutions: OptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Automatic receipt of laboratory health documentationSíSíSíSí
Storage space for images and filesUp to 1.5 GB (3)Up to 10 GB (3)Up to 50 GB (3)As needed
Integration with external software (CT, X-rays, etc.)AskAskAskAs needed
Integration with payment gatewaysAskAskAskAs needed
Billing and accounting
Rates and price listsSíSíSíSí
Budget management and controlSíSíSíSí
Budget templates and treatment plansSíSíSíSí
Direct invoice from a treatmentSíSíSíSí
Compilation invoice of individual treatments or budgetsSíSíSíSí
Mutual management (budgets, billing, price lists, etc.)NoNoSíSí
Control and configuration of professional commissions and treatmentsNoSíSíSí
Multiple billing seriesSíSíSíSí
Charges ManagementSíSíSíSí
Balance and patient debt controlSíSíSíSí
Cash (cash closures, etc.)SíSíSíSí
Order management and other expensesNoNoSíSí
Provider payment managementNoNoSíSí
Balance with providersNoNoSíSí
Model 347 and registration of personal income tax/VAT with providersNoNoSíSí
Remittance and receipt managementNoNoSíSí
Payment plansNoNoSíSí
Sending invoices, budgets via emailSíSíSíSí
Accounting exportNoNoSíSí
Documentation management
Definition of templates for documentation (consents, etc.)SíSíSíSí
Treatment plan sheetSíSíSíSí
Appointment sheetSíSíSíSí
Invoices, budgets, etc.SíSíSíSí
Digital signature handwritten and with certificateSíSíSíSí
Several templates to choose fromNoNoSíSí
Custom templatesNoNoAskSí
Print multiple documents at onceNoNoSíSí
CRM / Marketing
Management and control of recallsSíSíSíSí
Contact managementSíSíSíSí
Sending emailsNoNoSíSí
SMS sendingSíSíSíSí
Contact models and alertsNoNoSíSí
Marketing campaingsNoNoSíSí
Click TrackingNoNoSíSí
Letter generationNoNoSíSí
Sending mail from your own addressNoNoSíSí
Discount couponsNoNoSíSí
Online appointments support and managementNoNoSíSí
Creation and management of questionnairesNoNoSíSí
Lab work
Laboratory work managementSíSíSíSí
Checks controlSíSíSíSí
Follow-up of works sent to the laboratorySíSíSíSí
Traceability control and materials used in laboratory workSíSíSíSí
Laboratory health documentationSíSíSíSí
Integration with Vevi DentalSíSíSíSí
Exchange of notes, images, files and messages in each workSíSíSíSí
Storage and materials
Materials and stock controlSíSíSíSí
Providers ManagementSíSíSíSí
Material orders and direct delivery to providersNoNoSíSí
Automatic orders based on stockNoNoSíSí
Traceability of materials and lots in treatmentsSíSíSíSí
Lots controlSíSíSíSí
Barcode reader supportSíSíSíSí
Basic clinic status reportsNoSíSíSí
Basic historical and evolution reportsNoSíSíSí
Advanced reportsNoNoSíSí
Custom reportsNoNoAskAs needed
Multiple usersNoUp to 5Up to 15As needed
Differentiated functions according to roleNoSíSíSí
Defining custom rolesNoNoSíSí
Advanced access controlNoSíSíSí
Audit and record of changesSíSíSíSí
Access and security logSíSíSíSí
App and remote diagnosis
Mobile application for patients (iOS and Android)12 €/month12 €/month12 €/monthAs needed
Patient mobile website (PWA)6 €/month6 €/month6 €/monthAs needed
Consultation of budgets and invoicesSíSíSíSí
Consultation and request for appointmentsSíSíSíSí
Consultation of recipes and treatmentsSíSíSíSí
Remote diagnosis with multimedia communication channelNoNo12 €/monthAs needed
Translated into several languagesSíSíSíSí
Website includedNoNoSíSí
Multiclinic supportAskAskAskAs needed
Management of incidentsSíSíSíSí
Importing prescriptions in XMLSíSíSíSí
Excel data exportSíSíSíSí
Export/Import of treatmentsNoNoSíSí
Importing data using ExcelSíSíSíSí
Data importSíSíSíSí
Technical supportSíSíSíSí
Customization and exclusivity
Dedicated serverNoNoAskAs needed
Access in own domainNoNoAskAs needed
Tailored featureNoNoAskAs needed
Interface CustomizationNoNoAskAs needed
  1. Taxes not included (if applicable).
  2. All plans include access to an unlimited number of patients, appointments, treatments, etc. always according to a reasonable use of resources. Clinics with large numbers of patients, doctors, or cabinets may exceed this limit. Consult conditions in such cases.
  3. Caregement automatically optimizes the images you upload to our platform, to reduce its size while maintaining high quality. If necessary, Caregement will allow the hiring of additional space.